Beard has been in fashion for a while. I myself have gone through the pain of growing and maintaining it. So for me, it took some time personally to explore different things, products, styles, and lots of patience. While that’s about growing a beard; maintaining it is a whole new ball game.

So let us get to the details of it. Now that you’ve grown a beard after all the hard work, you also need to know how to maintain it.

As you decide to grow a beard, ensure that you have a style in mind. During the initial month(s) of growth, choose a style that compliments your face structure and. It will make your beard will look better, and so will you.

Different lengths of beard will present different challenges.  In the initial stages (1-2 months) don’t use a shampoo. You can use a natural soap or products that don’t have chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate. Fab India, Forest Essentials, Body Shop, and Herbal essentials are some of the brands that have a wide array of options.

Once your stubble grows to medium length, invest in a beard trimmer. I would recommend trimming your neckline and upper cheeks for a neat look. If you are looking for a natural look, leave it untouched.

As you grow a full beard you can start using a shampoo and a conditioner maybe. But don’t do it more than twice or thrice a week as your beard will end up looking frizzy. So don’t go overboard with shampooing as overdoing it will make your beard lose all the natural oils your body produces. Dry your beard gently with a towel. Do not leave it wet.

At this point, you will have to keep getting rid of split ends. (Yes beards do have split ends and don’t just play around with split ends. It can be very addictive. Not kidding). You can use scissors to cut off the split ends. Don’t tug or touch your beard excessively.

Avoid Beard products with alcohol in it as it will dry out your skin and also make your beard frizzy. Also do not use regular oil. USE Beard Oil. Regular Hair oil (Coconut Oil) will leave your beard frizzy and make it look shabby and it will never hold shape. The main aim using a beard oil is to make them softer and shinier. Though I don’t use any beard oils. But a big no to Coconut Oil. Beard oil will give your beard a good volume. Ustraa, Beardo, Soulflower, Clinique, and Gatsby are some of the brands which have beard oils and easily available.

Most importantly invest in a beard comb. Preferably wooden (so no static) and wide toothed. Don’t use regular comb or hair brush as it will make your beard look frizzy.  Also excessive brushing, even shampooing for that matter, will lead to beard hair loss.

Lastly, don’t forget to appreciate yourself for all the efforts that you put in. Now go rock your beard.