Today, I thought I could share about my recent quirky shoot. You will see the pictures floating around real soon.  In most of my shoots, I try and collaborate with newer artists to try and create something exciting for all of us involved.For this shoot, I collaborated with Anuradha who is a make-up artist, and Archana was our model for the day. We began having discussions around what we’d like to shoot and thought of doing something simple.

Thus we decided on shooting a few simplistic, raw looks that focused around eye make-up. Something exciting was the device I used to shoot this time. As I hadn’t done any such experiment prior to this. I was exhilarated to begin.We set up for the challenge ahead feeling a bit anxious. This was a beauty story with a focus on quirky eye-liner.  Archana and Anuradha were a game and did a fabulous job. The output was just brilliant. You will see the pictures in line. Mayur Narangikar4
Mayur Narangikar2Mayur Narangikar1Mayur Narangikar3

Coming to the highlights, my camera for the day was the Le Eco Max 2 mobile camera.

I have been using this phone for a while and am happy with it. Well, happy would be an understatement. Content would be the word. I am rather proud to say that I have switched to Le Eco.

While I have been bragging all about Le Eco’s amazing features. The ultimate fascination for me was to try and do a shoot with my Le Eco Max 2. Being a photographer, I must say that I had never even attempted to do this by far. A few days back I did shoot a short film with the Le Eco 1 and that was quite impressive. But this was up a notch.

My experience: I am really happy with the camera since it has a wide view. I had to get myself in a position wherein the images would look in proportion. The color and sharpness were at par. I zoomed in the images to more than 65% to check quality view and for better composition. And the camera came out as a winner. I have slightly pumped up the saturation and brightness as well. This was a fantastic experience that allowed me to push my limits. Thanks to my Superphone.

This one is a sure winner in all aspects.