Recently, I traveled to Bengaluru. This trip included riding on the latest Mahindra Mojo for two days. My route consisted of travelling from Bangalore to Coorg and then back via Mysore. Needless to say that travelling through the ghats was a mesmerizing experience. But testing the Mojo for its true potential in this ample of time was something.

 So here it goes…

Looks wise wise the Mojo is a eye-catcher. Especially the front head light assembly headlight is particularly admirable. Looking at it, I was reminded of imported super bikes ;). Coming to the seating, the seat is just enough for the rider. However, it doesn’t leave a lot of comfortable space for the pillion.

Specifications of the Mojo;

The 295cc engine produces 27bhp and 30Nm of power and torque also its relaxed in its delivery. The twin exhausts display the intricacy with which the bike has been designed. The bike gains speed steadily. The acceleration is smooth and isn’t menacing at any point.

Mayur Narangikar Photography 1Riding the Mojo

When you twist the throttle, the Mojo doesn’t storm off. The bike stays very courteous despite of the awe-inspiring roaring sounds. The Mahindra Mojo shows its true potential in impressing the rider while on the highway and that’s what the bike is designed to do.

As I crossed the highway and entered the ghats (at this point I am impressed by the ‘state of the art’ roads, also because I am not used to such smooth roads in Mumbai) the journey seems more exciting on this bike. At this point the gear ratio and the power delivery is near to perfection. So even in the sixth gear at the speed of 30-40 kmph the ride feels smooth and shows no signs of knocking. The ride is as smooth as good whiskey sliding down your throat. Needless to say, at this point the engine shows no signs of distress.

The well damped suspensions smoothen out any bumps or thumps that the rider might feel, thus ensuring a pleasing comfort for the rider.


As I was approaching Coorg it started raining and I was excited to see how the Mojo will uphold Its performance. Despite of the rains; at no curve did I feel that the tires displayed any signs of loss of grip. I had to modulate the speed to some extent, which didn’t feel like a shortcoming of the tires but was due to the weather conditions. I reached Coorg until a little after dark.

The next day I set on my journey back to Bengaluru via Mysore on the Mahindra Mojo. The ride back was again smooth and pleasant. The bike’s performance was nor disappointing neither concerning at any point.

So in a nutshell Mahindra has invested a lot of time and resources in the Mojo. But from my opinion based on my experience it’s a definitive heart winner.mojo