So I have been in photography for a while now, have worked with a lot of versatile groups and professionals. That means, of course, lots of stories. Some of which are not-so-nice-yet-entertaining ones. This is a collection of things that I often hear from clients, friends, relatives; and their idea of photography is pretty skewed. So folks, feel free to add the not-so-nice things you have heard from people. Here’s a little mid-week humor from my experience.


1.Your work is easy. You just have to press a button.

I mean seriously? You have a camera, you press the button. But I wonder why your pictures don’t look like from one of those campaigns. What you see in those beautiful pictures is the combined vision of the client and the photographer. It’s quite more than just pressing a button!


2.Photography’s easy, the camera does all the work.

The pictures that you see are a product of the photographer and the team’s combined vision, efforts, and dedication.  It isn’t easy to create imagery. Therefore it’s way more than clicking a button.


  1. Bring your camera along, so you can take some pictures

So I don’t usually hang out with my camera in my hands. If only I charged a penny for every time someone said that to me, I would be a rich man. You know how a chef doesn’t cook every time he/she goes out with her/his friends. In a similar manner, I don’t click pictures everywhere I go.


4.If I had that great a camera, even I would take such pictures.

No, you couldn’t. Just No.


5.Can I have all the raw photos too, please?

I mean what for? When you go to a tailor and get your clothes stitched, do you ask for the leftover cloth? Or when you go to a restaurant, do you ask for the raw food ingredients? No, right? (Or at least, I hope not!) So let’s be civil and not do that here either.


6.Hey. You are a photographer, take a picture of me.

*Straight face* This one time my girlfriend was judged for not knowing how to use a DSLR, as by some screwed up logic since her partner is a photographer she should have all those skills. *Newsflash* It doesn’t work that way. So just because I am photographer don’t ask me to click pictures for the rest of the night.


7.You seriously charge that much?!

Photographers have to make a living just like anyone else.  On a regular shoot the make-up artist, stylist, lights men, crew, studio space; all of this has to be paid for. And if anything is left then it goes to the photographer. So yes, my love; those are the charges.


8.Canon or Nikon, which is better?

That really depends on what your demands are and what sort of imagery you wish to create.


9.I’ll recommend you to others. Do it for free/exposure this one time.

I am in for test shoots where everyone comes together to create something. The rare possibility of those recommendations turning into genuine clients is ‘rare’.


10.Do it for this one time and we will increase the budget the next time.

It’s really un-cool to do this. As I said earlier one needs money for survival. Don’t even ask me the number of times I have tried to do a shoot ‘this one time’. The trick is more often than not clients don’t really do a shoot with you that next time and end up shooting with someone who has just agreed to ‘do it for this one time’.


11.Will you change the background color in Photoshop?

No. that is not how it works. I will not even get into the details here.

I am sure many of you have a lot more things to add in here. Please share those in the comments section. I look forward to reading it.

My empathy is with you.