I have been fascinated by how simplistic and minimalist this shoot turned out to be. As I go ahead with this you will realize what I mean by that. This was a test shoot with Big Boss Double Trouble fame; Nora Fatehi. Nora being represented by Toabh in India, I got a call from the oh-so-lovely Nidhi -who is a talent manager with Toabh- saying that they would like me to shoot Nora.  The catch was that this shoot was to be wrapped up in the next few days. And given my love for test shoots, I agreed in a snap. The beauty of test shoots is that an ingenious team comes together and everyone is keen on creating some beautiful imagery.

I and Nora set out the hunt for a makeup artist and stylist in our individual capacity, but given the short notice ended up with neither one. Both of our teams had prior commitments. Thus, we decided that both of us would try and do the styling. Nora got Marcello on board for makeup. We met up and decided to get five changes.

Day of the shoot-

We didn’t have the time on our hands to book a studio. The entire shoot was shot in Toabh’s Mumbai office. We used their office space, terrace and some more of their office space. Marcello started out the makeup and did an excellent job. We started out shooting, did five changes and wrapped up in about two hours. By day, this is one of my fastest and smoothest shoot. Things fell out in place, and everything worked out as we planned.

Nora was immensely brilliant to shoot. No fuss and super committed to the task at hand, she is admirable. When I work with models who are as excited to deliver a product, I absolutely enjoy creating pictures. In this case, Nora was a joy to be photographed. I think her sensuality was what made the pictures eye catching.

Until next time.