Oh My All That Orgasmic Food

I wake up in the morning (in Leh of course), my girlfriend is peacefully asleep next to me. She wakes up with a sheepish smile and says, “So where do you want to have breakfast today?” Those beautiful words are something, I tell you. Food, my love keeps me going on every travel journey. If I don’t like the food, that’s not my place. Since I have been writing all about Leh and Ladakh and over using words like amazing, astonishing, scenic, beautiful etc. I thought I write about food but I am just now realizing those are the perfect words to describe food. Anyway, here are a few place you shall visit when in Leh.


  1. Gesmo: This is one of the most famous and highly recommended restaurant in Leh. They have amazing veg and non-veg options. Ranging from crunchy salads to juicy steaks. Gesmo also has great breakfast menu with satisfactorily filling portions that will awaken your taste buds. The restaurant is located on the corner of the Tukcha main road in Leh market.

Price for two: 400-700INR


  1. Moonland: Again on the main Tukcha road, right next to the street you can find Moonland. A liitle joint which serves different kinds of cuisine but the best are Indian and Chinese. The food here will leave you licking your finger and might lead to a little over eating. Okay. A lot of over eating. The place is not fancy looking therefore people aren’t aware of the restaurant. But walk in and eat those aloo parathas, butter chicken with naan, mix vegetable… the list is long. But you get my point!

Price for two: 300-500INR


  1. Chopsticks Noodle Bar: The quiet, well-furnished, happening looking restaurant on the first floor in the main Tukcha road. This restaurant gives a lot of variety in food. You can find Thai, Continental and Indian cuisines here. They have an interesting system of ordering, you will enjoy that. The food is just mouth wateringly delicious. It’s one of the few places that serve good seafood. You can also order yourself a beer if you wish to. Did I say that the food is mouth water-ing-ly delicious??

Price for two: 600-900INR


  1. Dreamland: Dreamland is on the upper Tukcha road (a little away from the main Tukcha road)! Dreamland has divine Wazwan- which is authentic Kashmiri cuisine. Dreamland also offers you various options with Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. The place is full most of the times and you might have to wait a few minutes. To avoid that I would suggest an early dinner.

Price for two: 400-750INR

  1. German bakery: the bakery is right in the heart of Leh market. Amazing place to sit in the sun on a chilly morning as you enjoy your breakfast. The coffee from ‘The Real Coffee Shop” is real nice. Seriously, it feels great when you have good tea or coffee in Leh. The breakfast menu is quite extensive and have tried most of the dishes, they are beautiful.

Price for two: 300-500INR 


  1. Kebabs on Street: Drumrolls! Need I say more? The mother of all food is street food. Across Gesmo every evening from 5pm till 10pm you can buy the holy (my mouth is watering at this point) spicy, juicy kebabs. You have two options seekh kebab or tikka kebab. Both of them are delicious and it’s a must have! Eat them with the roomali roti as well as without. And then tell me if I am over stating!

Pricing: 50INR per kebab

So this is about it for today. I hope you have a good time at these places and please share your pictures, experiences of when you visited these places.

Till then!

Much Love