I am in love with this recent story I shot. So here’s my narrative of how it went.

This was yet another story which showed how models are a significant part of any fashion story – not just because they are at the forefront of the images but because the ‘right’ model can change the quality and results of images drastically. I believe very strongly that if the photographer is inspired by the model and the team, then magic can happen in your camera.

How I settled upon this concept is a rather lengthy story. I wanted to shoot a story about a wanderer having no settled home. So after going through multiple reference shots, stories, striking through a lot of elements written in my book and scraping a lot of paper, I reached this concept. What I tried, was to bring together all the elements that would represent a wanderer.  The props used in the concept had a story to tell. And I wanted my images to reflect that free-spirited, go-getter attitude.  

Location hunting

For Vagabond, I needed a location which would look absolutely deserted. A general style of location hunting for me, is going out with a bunch of my friends in some particular direction and drive until we find it. We started by driving towards Nasik and were lucky enough to discover the location in a day. We had finalized the location by afternoon with just one look at it. We had three other backup locations, just in case if the need aroused.

The Team


It was very recent that I was associated with an agency in Bombay, Toabh Talents, and Nidhi their talent manager was always very helpful about everything. She sent over a few model comp cards and Nikolina’s card was the one that had all my attention right there, and I knew I wanted to shoot with Nikolina at some point. All the while when I was playing with the concept of Vagabond Nikolina kept on popping in my head. And thus the model was decided upon.

In the recent past, I shot a campaign, where Siddhesh and I got acquainted. There is always one thing about some people that as soon as you meet them you know you are going to get up really well. Siddhesh is one of those. So again I made a mental note of working with him whenever I am presented with an opportunity. *I am realizing I am making a lot of mental notes by this point.* When I asked him, without a second thought Siddhesh was interested and agreed to take care of the makeup and hair. We tossed many references about how the hair and makeup should look like and mutually came to a conclusion after creating a rough mock up.

Left was the significant element, Styling! Komal and I had never worked before Vagabond. Her styling is very chic, she reflects a fresh and modish appeal in her work. While I was briefing her about the story, she had fallen for the concept and without further ado agreed to be on board.

Two of my friends Laukik, who is a Cinematographer and Jatin, who is a post-production artist; assisted me on this shoot.

The Day of the Shoot


We set out early in the morning. Makeup and hair were done at Jatin’s place nearby Nasik with some minor touch ups on the location. We shot this story in a day in Nashik, when the light was at warmest – natural light at its best (just a reflector works wonders).

My model loved the entire experience. The location wasn’t very comfortable to be at due to high levels of heat and lack of amenities like a changing room and shed or even washrooms. But I have to hand it to the model for being at ease throughout the shoot.

The model Nikolina was very inspiring to shoot. All the professionals did a super job in their respective areas of expertise. I was immensely content about the way it all went. My most important learning was that if the entire team has a clear vision of what the concept and are on the same page, it ends up being a success and you’re more than likely to end up with some beautiful set of images in your portfolio.

So here are the images, hope you enjoy them.